Car Show Gear


People involved in the screen-printing industry know that the summer months are always the busiest. Not hard to figure out, t-shirts are worn more in the summer and people do more outside in the warmer months. Winter activities include coats and embroidery but that is a lot more specialized and often expensive than summer gear. With our down time, Dylan, our road manager has launched a new website and is trying to rebrand our road show division as Car Show Gear. We were afraid on the road being Green Mt Merchandise did not fully, easily explain what that division does. We want our message to be clear.

We are automotive merchandise on the road. Car Show Gear will be branded on our trucks, tents and employee gear moving forward and the matching website is up and running. The website will have presale product for most events (promoter had the final decision), some high end more specialty garments and leftover merchandise, if the event is not a sellout.